Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker Review

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers.  Anker technology is a large community of 20 million+ users, and their products are also hugely popular. It’s a speaker with the simplest design, better sound quality with a long lasted battery. They designed it so smoothly to avoid extra attention while it’s on the table or somewhere else. There are many useful features of this speaker. Let’s checkout this Anker SoundCore Review to know why you should get this.Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker Review

Why should you buy Anker Sound Core?

  • Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker has just clear and impressive bass even on the highest volume.
  • Extended Li-Ion battery that helps you to enjoy the bass for 24 hours up to 500 songs playback.
  • It has a crisp and smooth design.
  • A strong Bluetooth connection up to 66 feet.

Key Features of the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Quality

Sound Quality of the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth SpeakerClear sound is the most important fact for any speaker. Anker sound core has an almost good sound quality. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker is not a fact; you are playing it on lower volume, medium volume, or highest volume, the sound will be clear and good, which you can’t expect from other small speakers. It may not be the loudest on its size, but the sound quality is ok. I think Anker Sound Core Bluetooth Speaker will full fill your sound demand from this type of speaker. Is also best in his class than the ordinary one.


The design of Anker Sound Core Bluetooth Speaker is so simple but easily overlooked. The rectangle shaped speaker is made with soft plastic with grilled on the front side. On the front side, there is their brand name Anker. Which doesn’t look ugly at all. Its design is so ordinary and eye catching than the other’s speaker in its class. Buttons of this speaker are also designed so dashingly. Overall it’s good for its classification.

Battery life

Anker SoundCore ReviewUnlike many more Bluetooth speaker, Anker SoundCore came with an amazing extended battery life of 24 hours. Which is amazing and higher on its class? You can play about 500 songs, with the Sound Core if it is fully charged. You won’t get such battery life with this budget and on any speaker. This speaker can also save the life of the battery, which is not available on many more speaker.


As it is a Bluetooth enabled design, so, you can connect it to any Bluetooth-supported device, play /pause music, control the volume. Anker Sound Core Bluetooth Speaker came with Bluetooth 4.0 and can connect your phone up to 66 feet away. If there is no wall or something on the distance between the speaker and your device, then the connection works well. On Anker Sound Core, there is AUX input to connect it with non-Bluetooth compatible devices.


  • Extended battery life of 24 hours up to 500 songs playback.
  • Clear crystal sound quality. On low, medium and high volume, the sound remains the same clear at all.
  • Heavy Bluetooth connection available, you can connect your device from 66 feet away.
  • You can make conversation with this speaker by connecting it to your mobile and tablet.
  • You can connect it to non-Bluetooth compatible devices with the AUX input on the speaker.
  • This speaker can save the battery life.


  • Anker Sound Core Wireless Speaker is not waterproof, so, you should be very careful while using it.
  • The speaker is fully made with smooth plastic with the grilled front side. So, it can’t take the heavy pressure.
  • You can’t charge your phone from the speaker.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I play the Anker Sound Core Bluetooth Speaker while charging?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I connect it to my smart tv?

A: Yes, you can. You must turn the Bluetooth of your tv and then connect to the speaker.

Q: Can Anker Sound Core save battery life?

A: Yeah, after remaining unpaired for two mins, it will automatically turn off. It will save the battery life of your speaker.

Final Thoughts

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker is an amazing speaker and price worthy. It will provide you clear bass at any volume. Its sound quality is not so higher, but, enough to enjoy the music on the home party. Within $50, it will be the best speaker for you with a good-looking device, extended battery life, and strong Bluetooth connection. The only problem is it’s not waterproof; overall performance of Anker Sound Core is amazing. That’s the final of Anker SoundCore Review.


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