Beats By Dr. Dre Beats Pill+ Review

After a long and tiring day: appointments, projects, meetings, and beating up deadlines, it’s always a good feeling when we listen to music, feeling its every beat.  Most people find music as therapy for stress while others really just love music as part of their hobbies.  With often choose our favorite genre and of course, we’d like to be played beautifully.  Not all devices such as speakers can offer you great sounds.  Good news! Beats by Dr. Dre is bringing you the Beats Pill+ that absolutely fits your taste.Beats By Dr. Dre Beats Pill+ Review

Why should you buy Beats By Dr. Dre Beats Pill+?

  • The device can be used as a speaker via the Bluetooth device. It won’t give you any hassle with wire.  Just simply connect your speaker to your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and other gadgets, and there you go! You can play your favorite playlist.
  • Beats Pill+ is handy and portable. Just slip it on your bag during camping and other outdoor activities, then you and your friends can dance with the beat.
  • It has a long-lasting battery life up to 12 hours.
  • Loud enough to be used indoor or outdoor.

Key Features of Beats By Dr. Dre Beats Pill+

Small Size Speaker with Incredibly Loud Sound

Fill your room with a rich and clear sound with its 2-way crossover system.  Such design creates an optimized sound perfect for all genres of music.  Despite the smaller size, Beat Pill+ won’t let you down in terms of quality of sound.  Just like other models of Beats, the tweeter and woofer separation has the same acoustic mechanics found in professional studios. This is why it is being recommended by a lot of music lovers out there.

A Design that first for everyone

Beats Pill+ ReviewSmall, simple, sleek.  Definitely, fits from teens to adults.  It comes with white and black that looks well to any color of the device.  It is easy to operate. Just connect your device to the speaker, and play.  You can also adjust the volume without affecting the clarity of sound.  And with just a touch of the multifunction button, you can play, pause, skip tracks easily.


If you’re having an important Skype session such as online conference and meeting, this feature would be helpful for you.  It enhances clarity of sound for you to clearly hear phone calls/video calls. Moreover, it is also a perfect buddy for music editors and those who arrange music.  Because of its clear sounds, one can detect inaccurate notes that disrupt your song.

12 Hour Battery Life

The speaker is quite heavier than other brands because of its battery.  It’s one lithium ion battery contributes to its overall weight.  The size and type of its battery make it long-lasting and does not easily drained.  It lasts up to 12 hours when used continuously and lasts up to weeks when you are an average listener.


  • Wireless and easily get connected to the device via Bluetooth. Since most of the gadgets have the same mediaBeats Pill+ connector, you’ll never get a hard time pairing it with devices.
  • Portable and Lightweight. It is easy to transport.  You can just slip it into your bag.
  • Made of 2-way crossover system that gives great sound quality.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • The long lasting battery that lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Made of high-quality and durable materials.


  • High range sound may get muddled resulting to a tin like sound
  • Some users find its bass quite weak.
  • Has steeper price compared to other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time it needs to be fully charged?

A: To achieve a long-lasting battery life, charge the speaker entirely in a maximum of three hours.

Q: Does it come with a pouch?

A: Yes, it has a soft carrying case.  If you want it to be extra protected, purchase a separate pouch that is designed with a thicker fabric.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: No.  That’s why you have to keep it in a dry place.  When used outdoors, be sure it won’t get soaked in the rain.

Q: Does it come with a user’s manual?

A: Yes.  Always refer to user’s guide/manual when operating your device (although the device is easily manipulated).

Final Words

Overall, this amazing speaker is definitely another Dr. Dre’s extraordinary creation.  The features are perfect and definitely would suit your taste.  What makes it special is its size that can just be place anywhere in your house or office, and its chance to be carried anywhere.  Its great sound may give your barbecue parties during weekends alive with your favorite music. The built-in speakerphone is very much helpful and could help you make better communication.

Although its price is quite steeper than other brands, it could be justified by its great sound and its other features.  Some users find it having a weak bass, but overall, this Beats Pill Plus Review considers this model with five stars.

Sing and dance anywhere with Beats By Dr. Dre Beats Pill+!



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