BRAVEN BRV-X Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Would you like to go back to the days when you and your friends had to carry your sound boxes outside your house, set up the stereo so you could make barbecue parties on weekends more fun while dancing and singing?

We’ve all been there!

And then parents’ gonna scream because your friends left you alone after the party, hmm well, restoring and tidying.  And you promised yourself not to host a barbecue party again, but in the next coming weekends, you’ve forgotten your promise, and there you go again, setting up stereos again, glancing at mom’s terrifying look, and oh, never mind because partying is so much fun!

But today, teens are saying goodbye to stereos and cassettes!  When MP3’s, Portable CDs, and mobile phones become a trend, you can rarely see people setting up a sound system for small parties.  How does it go? Well, with just turning on your Bluetooth speaker, connecting it through your gadget, then boom! You’ll instantly enjoy your music!BRAVEN BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker

Admit it:  It’s difficult to choose the best Bluetooth speaker. But hey! This is BRAVEN BRV-X Review, and this article hopefully will help you decide what could be the features you need to look for in choosing your Bluetooth speaker.

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Why should you buy a BRAVEN BRV-X  Bluetooth Speaker?

  • It gives you a total fun during outdoor activities with music.
  • Waterproof
  • Rugged in Style
  • Huge sound yet not deafening
  • It comes with a built in 5200 mAh power bank

Key Features

Ultra-Rugged Design

The BRAVEN BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker is designed with ultra-ruggedness. It has a rubber exterior molding and high- quality plastic which provides shockproof.  Believe it or not, its durability is commendable.

The product has a dimension of 9.06 x 3.63 x 2.94 inches.  It looks heavy at first glance, but definitely handy.  You may enjoy attaching it to your bike, motorcycle, and even on cars end enjoy your favorite genre while driving.BRAVEN BRV-X Review

And wouldn’t enjoy the water-resistant feature?  Yes! The BRAVEN BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker has an IPX7 certification which means it can stand with water.  So never mind when it suddenly rained while you were enjoying outdoor with your speaker.  And the beach? Yup! You can actually touch and operate the speaker even when your hands are wet coz you just got out from the water.

Impressive Sound Quality

The BRAVEN BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker has stunning audio output both in indoor and outdoor uses.  Such quality of sound is definitely an evolution from BRV-1 with much overwhelming bass.  The BRV-X definitely makes your favorite songs richer, fuller, and lovely.

What’s more?

This model makes the sound range as far as 60 to 80 ft distance.  And if you’re using it indoor, you’ll definitely turn your place into a music bar.  It’s simply the best sound ever!


Yes, it looks tough, but operating your BRAVEN BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker can be very done smoothly, without a single drop of sweat.  It is equipped with HD drivers that allow you to adjust your sound output whether indoor or outdoor use.  It’s simply turning the HD switch on and off so it could adjust its output on its surrounding.

Switching a mode to another? Just press the button and there you can enhance the sound effects.  Pressing the buttons can be also done to adjust volumes.BRAVEN BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker

What makes this Bluetooth Speaker more appealing is its ability to cancel noise.  The built-in speaker microphone for speaker phone helps you enhance its sound quality.  It allows you to make better conversation with your phone.

Built-In Power bank

Having a stunning speaker plus a built-in power bank makes this BRAVEN BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker a total WOW! Aside from providing you with good quality sound, it also offers you with convenience whenever you’re off to outdoor adventures through its 5200 mAh power bank.  Fairly enough to charge at least one gadget such as your phone.


  • Ultra-rugged in design
  • It is constructed with rubber exterior molding and high-quality plastic that is durable and long lasting.
  • Water-proof
  • Created for outdoor activities but also performs well indoor
  • Impressive sound quality


  • The microphone is too sensitive especially when exposed to wet.
  • The battery doesn’t last long.


Q: How many gadgets can we charge with its power bank?

A: It depends on the battery of your gadget.  It only has 5200 mAh power which is at average charge 1 mobile phone.

Q: How it differs with other models of BR?

A: The BR-X is totally an upgrade of its preceding models, which means it has better features.  You can check the reviews.

Q: How heavy is BRV-X?

A: It weighs 6.6 pounds

Final Thoughts

Making this BRAVEN BRV-X Review is definitely worth it because we get to know the amazing features of BRAVEN BRV-X  Bluetooth Speaker.  Aside from its amazing sound quality, what steals customer’s attention is its durable and long-lasting quality of materials. And the rating? Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!



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