How to Choose the Best Portable Speaker | Buyer Guide 2017

Portable speakers are one of the top growing musical gadgets. Nowadays, most of the people love to listen to music loudly with a portable speaker. Because it’s easy to carry a portable speaker anywhere and other features. As the price of a portable speaker is also reasonable, so anyone can get a portable speaker from the online or physical store. However, if you are going to buy a new portable speaker, then this post might help you. Because, in this post, I’m going to share detail portable speaker buying guide and how to choose the best portable speaker. Let’s check the full post below and get the best one now.

How to Choose the Best Portable Speaker?

To choose the right portable speaker, you need to consider several things. And below you will find those facts to consider before choosing or buying a portable speaker.

  1. Connectivity

Connectivity is one of the most important points for a portable speaker. You must choose a portable speaker with standard connectivity option, which means Bluetooth Connectivity, Wi-Fi, NFC or Aux input connectivity. This will help to connect your music playing source like a smartphone or tablet to the speaker easily and quickly. Let’s check below about different connectivity options with their advantages and disadvantages.How to Choose the Best Portable Speaker

  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth connectivity technology is one of the conventional wireless connecting technology. Almost all smartphones, tablets and music playing devices come with this wireless connectivity technology. So a portable speaker with Bluetooth is the best option to connect and play music from any devices. Generally, most of the portable Bluetooth speaker comes with 33 feet wireless range. But some speaker like UE BOOM comes with 50 Feet, and some speaker also comes with up to 100 Feet’s wireless range. So choose the right Bluetooth Speaker with your necessary wireless range.
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  • Wi-Fi – Nowadays, some premium quality portable speaker comes with Wi-Fi connectivity options. So, you can play music from online, music streaming website or smartphone that connected using the same Wi-Fi network. This type portable speakers are ideal for home or office use.
  • NFC – Well known as Near Field Communication, this is another advanced wireless communication technology and most of the premium portable speaker comes with this connecting feature. With the NFC-enabled portable speaker, you can easily connect your smartphone with the “tap to pair” features.
  • AirPlay – The AirPlay is another wireless technology that developed by the Apple for their devices. So you can play music or video to the AirPlay enabled speaker from any Apple device only. As most of the expensive portable speakers come with this connecting technology, so it might not be a good idea to buy a portable speaker with AirPlay technology.
  1. Sound Quality

Another important fact to choose the best portable speaker. You must check the sound quality of a portable speaker before buying it. Generally, most of the small to medium size portable speaker comes with 10 to 20W powerful speakers. And these speakers are good enough for home, pool, and beach or indoor party uses.

  1. Portability

People like to buy a wireless portable speaker so that they can carry it anywhere. That means, they can play music anywhere loudly. So you must choose a speaker that is comfortable to carry anywhere. So it will be a great idea to pick a small to medium size portable speaker with 1 to 3-pound weight. These size portable speakers are comfortable to carry and store in your handbag or backpack.

  1. Outlook

Outlook means the design of the portable speaker that you want to buy. Nowadays, most of the portable speaker comes with an attractive design and various colors. As of color options available in most of the models, so you can easily get the right speaker with your favorite color. And the rugged, heavy duty, shock resistant, sand resistant and waterproof design also important to choose the right portable speaker.

  1. Battery Life

Nowadays, almost all small, medium and even large size portable speaker come with a powerful built-in battery. So you can play music directly without any power source. These portable speaker comes with 8 to 20 hours music playing time. Some large size portable speaker like Ion Audio Block Party Live comes with more than 50 hours music playing time. So these portable speakers are good enough to enjoy a long beach, pool or outdoor party.

  1. Waterproof

Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker from MaxaceWe want to buy a portable speaker so that we can use it anywhere. And a waterproof speaker is the best solution to use it anywhere. You can play and listen to music on the beach, pool or while taking a shower. You can also use a waterproof portable speaker to listen to music while traveling, hiking or bicycling. And the waterproof portable speaker comes with reasonable price. So you don’t need to spend extra money for the waterproof feature.

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  1. Price

Most of the people don’t like to spend more than $100 to buy a premium quality portable speakers. And fortunately, there are hundreds of portable speakers available in the market for less than 100 USD. You can also get a good quality speaker for $50 with superior quality sound. However, the price always depends on the speaker brand, build quality, functionality, sound quality, etc. So buy the right portable speaker with the right functionality and price.

Other Features to Consider

  • Flash Drive or Micro SD Card Slot – Some portable speaker comes with the USB port and a Micro SD card slot. So that you can directly play music from Pen drive, Flash drive or Micro SD card.
  • FM Radio – Portable speaker also available in the market with FM Radio. Most of the portable speakers from Ion Audio comes with built-in FM Radio. Now, you can also play music from FM radio to the portable speaker.
  • Built-in Speakerphone – Most of the small to medium size portable speaker available in the market with built-in speakerphone. So that you can send or receive voice calls from your smartphone through the speaker.
  • Built-in Power Bank – It is a good idea to buy a portable speaker with the built-in power bank option. This will help you to recharge your smartphone or tablet battery from the speaker.
  • Aux Input – Although most of the portable speaker comes with the Aux input option, that means you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the speaker through a 3.5mm audio jack. But in some speaker, this feature not available, so check this, if you need this feature.
  • Pair Multiple Speakers – Portable speaker from some renowned brand comes with this feature. Using this speaker, you can pair multiple speakers and play music from a single source. So you can play music loudly with this function when you need it.
  • Speaker Control – Some premium quality portable speaker comes with a smartphone app to control music, volume, and other functions. On the other hand, almost all speakers come with a control panel and button.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best portable speaker is always important for superior sound quality, better battery life, extended wireless range, and durability. However, a premium quality portable speaker can cost more than $200. You can also get a good portable speaker for $50-$100. And hope, this guideline will help you to choose the best portable speaker and save your valuable time as well as money.





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