Major Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Speakers

When you want to enjoy your music outdoor, then you must think twice before you use your indoor speaker. You may believe that your indoor speaker can produce the high-quality sound, but it actually cannot do it because the indoor speaker is only for indoor purposes only. You have to know that indoor vs outdoor speaker will be different each other. Therefore, before you decide to buy a speaker, then you have to know some major differences between indoor vs outdoor speakers.

Indoor vs Outdoor Speaker

Outdoor Speaker must be Water Resistant

indoor vs outdoor speaker It is like a watch that you can wear anytime, but you have to wear a water resistant watch to prevent it from damage when exposed to the water. As you buy an outdoor speaker, this speaker must be also water resistant. It means that the speaker must be fine when it is exposed to the water. It does not mean that you have to put the speaker in the water. But, this speaker at least can resist the water when you accidentally pour some water on the speaker or when it is exposed to the rain.

Outdoor Speaker has a Dedicated Amplifier

Well, when you want to get the best sound quality between indoor vs outdoor speaker, then you have to use a speaker that has an amplifier. An indoor speaker can be integrated with a third-party amplifier that you can buy it separately. However, when it comes to an outdoor speaker, then it must have a dedicated amplifier that is already embedded into the speaker, and you only need to turn it on and then play the music. This speaker also usually uses the basic amplifier, and it is also designed with basic equalizer either.

Outdoor Speaker has a Compact Size and Design

It is true that when you are dealing with outdoor speaker, then you must think about the compactness. Unlike the indoor speaker that has various sizes and designs, when it comes to an outdoor speaker, the speaker must be compact and easy to carry. It is not too big, but it is also not too small. At least, the outdoor speaker can fit your bag when you want to bring it outside. But, there are also some outdoor speakers that have a huge size and design as you commonly see in the concert. However, this huge speaker is not portable, and it is only for concert purposes only.

Outdoor Speaker can be used Indoor and Outdoor

The truth is that indoor vs outdoor speaker may not be possible if you use your indoor speaker for outdoor activity, but when you chose an outdoor speaker, then you can still use it for indoor activity. Thus, the outdoor speaker must be the best choice if you care about functionality. However, you may not expand the speaker because everything is already dedicated. You cannot add an extra equalizer to your outdoor speaker because it already has a dedicated equalizer. Meanwhile, the indoor speaker has a separate equalizer, but it is a bit complicated because you have to set it up manually. Besides, the indoor speaker is also not portable because the size is bigger than the outdoor speaker.

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