ION Audio Block Rocker (iPA76A) Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The ION Audio Block Rocker is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers I have used.  You will be amazed of the commendable features that this speaker offers.  Of course, we always want to listen to our favorite music clearly.  And this is best obtained when you use ION Audio Block Rocker.   ION Audio Block Rocker (iPA76A) Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

There are lots of speakers out there! And yes, it is just hard to choose the best one.  So, I will be helping you through this ION Block Rocker Review.  Help me explore all stuff about this speaker.  Who knows? This might be the one you’re looking for. Are you ready? Check this out!

Key Features of ION Audio Block Rocker

Looks Bigger in Size yet Lightweight

One of my favorite features for the ION Audio Block Rocker is the weight. It looks as if it would be heavy and hard to carry, but once you get it in person, you can easily tell that, while it definitely feels durable, it’s not clunky or awkward to handle at all. ION Audio Block Rocker

Highly Durable and Long-Lasting

Speaking of durability, those reinforced rubber corners are a LIFESAVER! I am a clumsy person, but when I do happen to bump my speaker against things it doesn’t do damage. It has definitely saved a few of my floors from dents and dings when I’ve knocked it off the counter.ION Block Rocker Review

High-Quality Sound

The output on the ION Audio Block Rocker is pretty in high-quality. Speakers having a lower in price tend to be really fuzzy, especially when playing for an extended time, but with this ION Audio Block Rocker, you’re gonna be listening to a crisp sound even when its battery is low. No fear of forgetting to plug it in at the end of every jam session!  You’ll always have a great sound quality from the beginning to the end of your gig.

The Speaker can be connected to any device with Bluetooth

If you’re like me, you keep a little bit of music everywhere- MP3 player, phone, CDs, and you even like radio from time to time. The option to play your music from whatever device that suits you is one of the ION’s strengths! Especially recently, when it seems like less and fewer types of media are being supported, I can listen to anything I want.

Built-in Power Bank

Did you know? The ION Audio Block Rocker could survive a continuous play for 50 hours? Yes! But not just that! You can also use it as a power bank when your mobile phones, tablets, and other gadget is out of battery life.  If you happen to be in a place where electricity is not accessible, well, this gadget is definitely of great help.  


  • Durable for falls and knocking against things; rubber corners keep the unit (and where you put it) from dents, dings, and scratches
  • Lots of options for listening to your favorite music
  • Extended battery life while listening for hours
  • Easy to move around for listening anywhere
  • Decent overall sound quality, even on low battery


  • Bass could hit harder if you’re very interested in bass
  • Not pocket sized, but the trade up in quality is worth a little larger of a speaker


Q: Is the Bluetooth hard to set up for the ION Audio Block Rocker?

A: Not at all! The Bluetooth set up for the ION works just like other devices- simply set the speaker to pair, find it on your music device, and connect.

Q: Will the ION Audio Block Rocker work with my portable CD or MP3 player?

A: As long as your media player has an AUX (headphone) jack or Bluetooth capability, it will work perfectly with this speaker.

Q: Can I control the ION Audio Block Rocker from my phone?

A: Yes! There is an ION Audio Block Rocker App available for iOS and Android that is free to download and will control your speaker.


Our ION Block Rocker Review comes to an end.  So, how was it? Well, looking at those features, I can say that this ION Audio Block Rocker is an excellent mid-range Bluetooth speaker. It is very durable when considering your standard drops from hands or on top of the counter, and has plastic-covered corners that protect your home from any fall damage as well. The sound quality is solid and consistent across music genres and remains good even when the speaker is low on battery. All in all, I can say that this featured speaker has the excellent performance.  No wonder why it is becoming popular and begins to build a name in the music industry.


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