ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Rechargeable Portable Speaker Review

Today I am here with a musical item, and that is a Bluetooth enabled rechargeable sound system. And its quality portable Wireless speaker called ION Audio Party Rocker. This is the kind of audio party rocker to really go rocking in parties with mind-blowing sound and eye-dazzling color. Isn’t it super fun? In this review, you will come across a sound item ensuring performance, power, durability, color and look.ION Audio Party Rocker Review

Why Should You Buy ION Audio Party Rocker?

This product is awesome. It is loud inside and outside at a distance with heavy bass. Bluetooth pairing doesn’t create the least hassle as it is quick and easy. ION Audio Party Rocker is compact enough to easily move around without wheels. Customers originally look at it because this sound system is rechargeable and has a handle and wheels. Party Rocker is a new model released in the huge and immediate reception of the music lovers and movie geeks. I read an ION Party Rocker Review clearly detailed of the benefits and features it is offering. And I didn’t waste time to buy it.

So should you do?

Key Features

High Quality and Crystal Clear Sound

ION Audio Party Rocker incorporates 50 watts of dynamic power and gets powerful enough to energize your parties. And this power may transmit to the guests to drive them crazy and rock on. This is the feature makes it the immediate popular. In addition, it has a Powerful 6.5” woofer that provides the thumping bass, and you enjoy and feel the ecstatic party moment. The wide-dispersion tweeter delivered sound that may spark you from inside, and you can infuse other with that spark. So guys have a crazy and sparkling party with ION Audio Party Rocker.

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The wireless music streams coming out of that Bluetooth device has ⅛-inch (3.5mm) aux input for non-Bluetooth devices too. Buying an ION Audio Speaker doesn’t mean that your traditional audio sources will become useless. It is an exclusive and inclusive music package.

Built-in Colorful Party Lights

It lights up the room very well. Light dome fills the room with six colors – Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Orange, and White. For this multicolor feature, it is given the significant name ION Audio Party Rocker. Filling the Room with Sound and Color, it provides a vibrant and festive atmosphere.ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Rechargeable Portable Speaker Review

This speaker has a High-quality microphone, and a cable included. This speaker can create the Echo Effect for professional-sounding Karaoke that moves to the music booming from the big, yet portable, 50-watt speaker.

Powerful and Long Lasting Battery

It has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides hours of uninterrupted fun. The battery life is extended up to 75 hours and even more with the lights off. So If you want to use ION Audio Party Rocker Plus for an outdoor wedding – ceremony, and music for the backyard reception, you can go without any trepidation.

Music Organization Feature

Get all your favorite music listed up meticulously and that can only fit the mood or pick a Pandora station and let it handle the music selection. Being Bluetooth enabled sound system; you can now enjoy your party without being glued to the speaker. You can move across the floor not hovering around the speaker only. That is the feature gives the ION Audio Party Rocker the tag of a festival creator.


  • Auxiliary 3.5mm microphone cable for no-Bluetooth devices
  • Disco lights spinning renders the surrounding a festive atmosphere
  • Extended battery life for making outdoor hangout rocking
  • Ability to turning the lights off and shimmer down party
  • 50 watts of power is very quiet for sound
  • A powered woofer ensures quality bass.


  • Flimsy at high sound
  • Too small to be a party bass and base giver
  • Battery life comes down two-third with lights on

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

While researching for this ION Party Rocker Review, I encountered following questions were thrown very often by customers.

How long is the Bluetooth range?

Ans:  The Bluetooth range covers up to 100 feet.

What is the actual battery life with the lights on?

Ans: It is mentioned in the features. But customers say that it varies, but the variation is negligible.

How many light modes does it provide?

Ans: It has six different colors. But there are four light modes to be selected by the users.

Final Words:

With as meager a price as less than 150 US dollars, you are enjoying a music stream floating all the room over. The exclusive colors input give you really a disco mood. Both wired and wireless connectivity along with a stretched battery life makes it an amazing package. The microphone gives you the opportunity to enjoy real life party by singing popular hits yourself and guests. This is a chance with the cable-connected microphone available.

So go colorful and rock on with ION Audio Party Rocker.


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