ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker Review

If you are a music stream geek, a film buff or if you very often go over the board to sing and recite in a family or outdoor hangout, then INO Audio Tailgater is a must purchase for you. I know what keeps lurking in your mind. And that is “How to pick up the quality and budget friendly purchase?” My detailed review on ION Audio Tailgater will make you crystal clear. Better to call it a package of sophisticated quality, durability, modern features, and services. You can have all these in a single sound system at a fairly affordable cost.Ion Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Won’t you go for it? If the answer is yes, find the product link below.

Why Should You Buy ION Audio Tailgater?

“Enjoy music outdoors and go wireless, on-air.”

Now the million-dollar question is why you should buy this particular sound system. Following are the selected reasons why you should buy this:

  • The sound quality it ensures
  • Combo of the latest Bluetooth addition and old cable connection
  • Good range AM and FM radio service with well-tuned frequency response and range
  • Super fun is the microphone letting you sing and recite

Key Features

Power, Speakers, Connectivity, and compatibility

ION Audio TailgaterThe ION Audio Tailgater iPA77 incorporates 50 watts of RMS power. With this power consumption, ION Audio Tailgater puts out great sound and makes get together and patio hangout memorable. Stout woofer delivers high-quality and robust sound. Moreover, the speakers are so loud that if played at high volumes, it makes talking in normal voice impossible. Striking is it’s easy pairing and connectivity along with iOS/Android app that enables smartphone, tablet and other audio sources with a single tap. Thus we have easy and distant control on our Bluetooth music with Play/Pause, Next/Previous Track buttons. We can enjoy music while busy in the garage or work in the back yard.

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Battery capacity, Radio, and Power Bank

While researching for a review, I like the fact that it has a Built-in rechargeable battery running up to 50 hours of continuous use on a single charge. In addition, USB power bank will relax you of being around the power source or carrying charger port. That you can recharge your smartphone, tablet and other devices with the power bank is a bonus advantage. Next, comes another wow feature of AM/FM radio with bright, legible display. You can go on-air with six dedicated buttons available for six FM and six AM radio stations.  And the rubber aerial covers a wide range and amazing reception. 

Microphone, cable connectivity, and portability

ION Tailgater iPA77No need to get disheartened with devices having no wireless connectivity as the ION Audio Tailgater offers 1/8-inch (3.5mm) aux input for non-Bluetooth devices. Now you can discharge your old memories by playing your past music collections plugging in your CD player to that auxiliary input. And charmingly enough, a dynamic vocal microphone included is a great fun both for the adults and the kids especially. We can have fun playing and create our own memories with the high-quality microphone. Rugged design with reinforced corners makes it conveniently portable. The two side handles are stored to withstand heavy use


  • Endowed with double boom box delivering thunder bass
  • Compatible with iOS/Android app and so mobile friendly
  • Powered rechargeable battery up to 50 hours life in single charge
  • Having both wired and wireless advantage
  • Lighter with 17 pounds and so portable to outdoor location for getting together
  • Up to 100 feet Bluetooth range
  • A dynamic microphone with mic cable
  • Facilitated with both AM and FM radio covering wider range


  • Not compatible with all the selections of smartphones
  • Depth of sound quality a little less
  • Lacking extended handle and wheels toughening shift

FAQ (the questions stirring inside the mind)

Do the quality and price of ION Audio Tailgater iPA77 match?

Answer: For the stony sound, boomy speakers, Bluetooth addition, power bank and so on, the cost is not too high. Given the services it provides, the price is not only a good bargain rather it is a steal.

What are the battery specs?

Answer: The battery measures 2.8” depth*3.5”width*4” height inches. It is a 12Volt, 5.0Ah SLA battery. With this dimension and voltage, INO Audio Tailgater can run up to 50 hours on one charge.

Is it stereo or just mono?

Answer: It is a good quality mono with just one speaker providing distortion free sound at top volumes.

Final Thoughts

So what is your verdict regarding ION Audio Tailgater? I know the answer goes “it is obviously a good bargain.”  An answer other than that is impossible. You are having speakers giving quivering bass, demonic battery life, latest Bluetooth addition along with cable link for non-Bluetooth devices. Want more? There are AM and FM radio facility with good range and frequency response, power bank, and above all a classic look. And the price is not a little over the budget. To sum up, I can definitely declare ION Audio Tailgater iPA77 to be the best budget quality sound system.


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