Jabra SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

“SOLEMATE” – the word in block letter is very significant. It is really a soul mate with its stunning outfit and the sturdy rubber and metal body. It delivers great, impeccable sound. It is a Bluetooth and so a portable speaker. In my Jabra SOLEMATE review, I have found that it has a sharp bass note and can get loud enough to fill your bedroom or home office with sound. And Jabra SOLEMATE Bluetooth Speaker is affordable at a very reasonable price almost at a fraction of other brands claim.Jabra SOLEMATE Review

Not enough to provoke your curiosity!

Let us see what more it has come up with in my deeply researched review. Below is the link if you want to give it a try.

Why should we buy Jabra SOLEMATE Bluetooth Speaker?

It has two bargaining points to go for – it’s impeccable design and outstanding performance. SOLEMATE can eclipse its rivals just with its sound quality – low-end bass, distortion free high volumes. It sounds great in the mid-range, high end, and the low end. It is a tough challenge to the other boxes of its category with its heavy bass notes.

To prepare Jabra SOLEMATE review, I have learned that the speaker phone works miracle for the caller and for the conference as well. The speaker produces the voices very clear that we can hear from feet away. For its superior call quality, words can be heard distinguished.

Whether you want to go musical, bass-bound with low-end output or want to take the conference call, you should try, without the least hesitation, for this magnificent sound source. It is actually a soul mate personified judging over its performance, feature and affordable price.

Now let me shed light on its marvelous features I have come to know about while making my Jabra SOLEMATE Review.

Key Features

Design, construction and look:

It assumes the look of a cross between rectangular box and a shoe. The top and bottom are strapped with rubber. The bottom wears a shoe look because it is textured to look like that. It looks just like the sole of a boot or running cards. It bars it from skidding or sliding while playing at high volumes and heavy bass. Moreover, the lower part has a long notch and two holes to place 13 inches, 3.5mm audio available for the non-Bluetooth devices.Jabra SOLEMATE Bluetooth Speaker

The rubbery exterior gives Jabra SOLEMATE Bluetooth speaker resistance to dust and splash. And the lower panel with a rubberized gripping keeps it from dancing across the resting ground.


Connectivity hardly needs to be described as it is very much clear from the name itself. It is Bluetooth-enabled and can work as a PC speaker through a USB connection. You can also connect it to any audio device with a 3.5mm cable.Jabra SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

The way we share apps, photos, songs, movies and document between the smartphones, we can have activated NFC between Smartphone and Jabra SOLEMATE Bluetooth Speaker.

Speaker, battery:

It has three front-facing speakers that include 2 acoustic twitters and a powerful subwoofer. In addition to those, a proprietary bass radiator giving deep and thunder bass. These speakers combined with both wired and wireless connectivity makes SOLEMATE Speaker a go-anywhere, do anything portable sound source.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery having life-expectancy up to 8 hours with a single charge enabling us to get musical in the go.

Size, weight:

SOLEMATE is small in size and lightweight. It has a dimension of 66.77X2.52X2.75 inches.


  • Sweat, dust and splash resistant
  • Tough and sturdy enough to move anywhere with
  • Bluetooth connectivity in 3 seconds with a flashlight
  • Readable screen display to check connectivity and charge
  • Includes durable sound bag
  • Addition Bluetooth microphone, audio cable, and USB charger cable


  • Clumsy sound at conference
  • Bass a bit distorted at top volume

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How is it dust resistant?

Ans: Rubber attracts dust but this rubberized outer surface is polished and sleek enough to keep dust and sands away.

Q: What about the warranty?

Ans: Warranty is clearly detailed on the manufacturer’s website.

Q: What about the frequency response?

Ans: It vibrates too frequently for the shelves to keep stable.

Final Words:

One thought always hovers about my mind, all through my course this Jabra SOLEMATE Review is that it is a portable theater combined with a laptop or Tab. Because with Bluetooth speakers immune to dust, sand and water, you can enjoy music, movies and games anywhere anytime. Along with all the latest sound amenities, you are having uncompromised sound quality too. This portable audio combo comes with loud and clear bass, distortion-free high volume, long-running rechargeable battery, smartphone compatible speaker phone. What more you want from an audio package with a low price as it claims.

It’s a must purchase. Get going musical on travel is just bliss. Have it NOW.


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