Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth speaker Review

Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most popular speakers on Jambox series. Good sound quality and extended battery life make it best in its class. It’s a tiny portable speaker with an elegant design of metal mesh diamond pattern on front and back. Unlike many wireless speakers, you can use it for video conversation to get best audio quality. It came with some extraordinary features, so, let’s check out the Jawbone Jambox Review.Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Features

Sound Quality

It is the speaker, which is smaller than the other wireless speakers, but louder than the others for its better sound quality. 3-dimension sound likes sound coming from all sides of you. It helps you to enjoy music anywhere you go. It’s impressive to get the quality of sound from this little well-made speaker box. The sound is phenomenal especially from such kind of small box.

Elegant Design

Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker DesignJawbone Jambox is most popular for its classic design. It is a tiny portable speaker which is smaller than many wireless speakers but louder than the others. A metal mesh diamond pattern makes it more beautiful to look. On top, there is a rubber-like finish. So the elegant design catches the eye of the users easily. You can judge it and can own a Jawbone Jambox wireless Bluetooth by your choice.

Extended Battery Life

The battery life of Jawbone Jambox speaker is better than so many wireless speakers. It came with a rechargeable battery. 15 hours of battery life will help you to enjoy music, gaming or conversation on your go or anywhere. You can charge it from the power or can connect to the PC with a USB cable and charge it. It’s found better to charge USB to PC than power charger.

Why you should buy the Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Unlike other wireless speakers, you can charge your mobile phone from the speaker, which makes it more unique.
  • Jawbone Jambox speaker not much large, it’s smaller than a man’s hand. So, it’s easily portable than the ordinary one.
  • It helps you to connect audio calls from your mobile. It will help you to get the best audio quality. Everyone in a room could join on a conversation with this speaker.
  • You can take this anywhere, like including the car where you can use it for louder hands-free speaker phone


  • You can enjoy a ton of bass and good clean sound even when it’s at full blast.
  • You can change the voice using the Jawbone Jambox wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • Without Bluetooth, you can also connect the speaker with flat cable 3.5 to any device to listen to music.
  • Easy to pair with iPhone / Apple device. You will be able to pair about 10 seconds.
  • The extended rechargeable battery of 15 hours will help you to enjoy the music.


  • The sound quality of the Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is almost good, but the volume is too low.
  • It’s not waterproof, so, you should keep it away from the water.
  • It is made of metal, but it is not so heavy, it can’t take so much pressure. So, you shouldn’t drop it on a hard surface.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: The size of the speaker is not so big, what about the sound?

A: Well, it may be smaller, but its sound is louder than many speakers. The 3-dimensional sound of this speaker will help you to get sound from all your sides.

Q: Can I use it as a mp3 player?

A: Yes, with the flat line you can connect it with a non-Bluetooth device.

Q: Can I connect two speakers with a phone? Does Ori need multiple devices?

A: Yes, you can connect two speakers to your phone by holding all three buttons of both device at a time.

Q: Can I use it while charging?

A: Yes, you can

Final Thoughts

The Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker by Jawbone is one of the most popular in Bluetooth speaker field. It has an elegant design, heavy sound quality, with an extended battery life make it perfect. It’s worth the money, but the only problem is it’s not water and dust proof. It performs very well as a 30-dollar speaker. We try to make this Jawbone Jambox Review veridical. We highly recommended you to use it. It’s a versatile, amazing, amazing little speaker. The Jawbone Jambox is with you everywhere you go.

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