Mpow Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hey there, today I am with the best portable Bluetooth speaker. An irresistible combination of sound quality, ruggedness, water resistance, portability and above all a reasonable price, isn’t it cool?

Yes, I am talking about the awesome sound box called Mpow Bluetooth Speaker. The focus is on sound quality, and so it sounds a bit fuller and more natural. In addition, it has a slim and rugged design. It sounds louder and clearer than most other Bluetooth speakers you have heard. What I have found most stunning to pen down this Mpow Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review is that it is ultra-light and even splash free. It lets you be musical on the go. Just imagine a long drive on a highway, and Mpow speaker and best music collection are with you.Mpow Bluetooth Speaker

Are you not tempted?

If you want to buy it, find the product link below the name of the product.

Why should you buy Mpow Bluetooth Speaker?

You purchase a sound system for better sound quality, louder volume, and deep base. The audio product under my review has all the qualities to the capacity. That is what we actually want from a decent stereo system. It also plays loud and clear enough even at high volumes to kick start a small in-house party.

It is really a different category that we should buy it for. Mpow Portable Bluetooth Speaker sound is clear, livelier and wider and far too natural than it’s rivals. It gives you the possible performance you just want from a speaker of that class: – affordable and moderate. In short, it is an excellent music journey. Still won’t you go for it? A pouch, hand strap, and the light weight make it very convenient to carry and enjoy music everywhere.

Ok, let’s have a glance at the refined and exclusive features Mpow Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker wears.

Key Features:-


Mpow Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker ReviewIt wears a slim and rugged design. This Bluetooth audio source is designed to be rugged and waterproof. It is the design that makes it look more refined and elegant. You can enjoy music and the vernal shower being a splash proof outdoor music source. It is because of the engineering and design of Mpow speaker that now you can go musically in the shower, at the pool, by the sea beach and on a hike or anywhere.

Battery and emergency power supply:

Mpow Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerNow with Mpow Bluetooth Speaker at hand, you can enjoy outdoor activities all day peacefully without any worry for battery. It has a built-in a battery with an extended life up to 10 hours. The battery is backed by the emergency power supply.

Unique and glamorous look, speaker:

Look greatly depends on design, construction, and color. Mpow Armor speaker wears a real armor suit with the spike. That immediately draws your attention to. It looks gorgeous with its sleek exterior.

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The speaker is powered by 8-watt power incorporation giving it emit a wide audio spectrum. Mpow speakers are clear at maxed volume.

Wireless and cable connectivity, audio quality:

Mpow Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth ConnectivityWe already have known that Mpow Armor Bluetooth is a both Bluetooth enabled and cable-compatible. But the lookout should be how amusing company it has become a person out for work, distant and lonely. Thanks again to the battery and power bank. It is ideal for outdoor music listening. Go musical all alone and keep working. Who cares?


  • Hands-free calling facility
  • Rapid Bluetooth connectivity and cable connectivity
  • Extended battery life supported by power bank
  • Microphone enabling conference
  • Well protected in rugged iron case
  • Enjoy music on the go anywhere, anytime


  • Ultra-light and so shaky
  • Not adjustable bass and base


Q: Can it reply cell phone calls?

A: Yes, being a hands-free sound system, it can reply phone calls. It is compatible with smartphones.

Q: Is it safe to play while floating on the river?

A: As it is water resistant and so splash free speaker, it is entirely safe to float on and to listen to music.

Q: When does it sound good wireless or cabled?

A: It is not clearly distinguishable. It is heard loud on cable as you stay then on proximity.

Final Words:-

It is not a sound box rather we can tag it to be wonder box. It is powered with battery and power bank. Music quality is amazing with rich, impressive sound. It can be played anywhere with cable and without cable. What more do you want from a sound source? And it is available with an offerable cost. Moreover, the frequency and bass response is fabulous for this small size speaker. Mpow Bluetooth Speaker is really hard to stand when the volume is maximized. What amazing is that at max volume also sounds remains Cleary and pretty.


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