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ION Audio Block Rocker (iPA76A) Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The ION Audio Block Rocker is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers I have used.  You will be amazed of the commendable features that this speaker offers.  Of course, we always want to listen to our favorite music clearly.  And this is best obtained when you use ION Audio Block Rocker.   ION Audio Block Rocker (iPA76A) Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

There are lots of speakers out there! And yes, it is just hard to choose the best one.  So, I will be helping you through this ION Block Rocker Review.  Help me explore all stuff about this speaker.  Who knows? This might be the one you’re looking for. Are you ready? Check this out! Continue reading

ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker Review

If you are a music stream geek, a film buff or if you very often go over the board to sing and recite in a family or outdoor hangout, then INO Audio Tailgater is a must purchase for you. I know what keeps lurking in your mind. And that is “How to pick up the quality and budget friendly purchase?” My detailed review on ION Audio Tailgater will make you crystal clear. Better to call it a package of sophisticated quality, durability, modern features, and services. You can have all these in a single sound system at a fairly affordable cost. Continue reading

ION Audio Party Rocker Plus Rechargeable Portable Speaker Review

Today I am here with a musical item, and that is a Bluetooth enabled rechargeable sound system. And its quality portable Wireless speaker called ION Audio Party Rocker. This is the kind of audio party rocker to really go rocking in parties with mind-blowing sound and eye-dazzling color. Isn’t it super fun? In this review, you will come across a sound item ensuring performance, power, durability, color and look. Continue reading

Mpow Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hey there, today I am with the best portable Bluetooth speaker. An irresistible combination of sound quality, ruggedness, water resistance, portability and above all a reasonable price, isn’t it cool?

Yes, I am talking about the awesome sound box called Mpow Bluetooth Speaker. The focus is on sound quality, and so it sounds a bit fuller and more natural. In addition, it has a slim and rugged design. It sounds louder and clearer than most other Bluetooth speakers you have heard. What I have found most stunning to pen down this Mpow Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review is that it is ultra-light and even splash free. It lets you be musical on the go. Just imagine a long drive on a highway, and Mpow speaker and best music collection are with you. Continue reading

Sony SRSX55/BLK Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The very name Sony reminds us of the portable Walkman when it comes to audio instruments. So, I got nostalgic while preparing for the Sony SRSX55/BLK Review. For a home sound system, Sony still has remained as dominant as it was years back. The Bluetooth and portable speaker under review have two drivers and a subwoofer. That’s why it gives loud and clear sound. Moreover, the affordable Sony SRSX55-BLK price costing 180 dollars is nothing but a steal. For all these, it has taken the spotlight in the arena of portable Bluetooth speakers. Continue reading

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