Sony SRSX55/BLK Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The very name Sony reminds us of the portable Walkman when it comes to audio instruments. So, I got nostalgic while preparing for the Sony SRSX55/BLK Review. For a home sound system, Sony still has remained as dominant as it was years back. The Bluetooth and portable speaker under review have two drivers and a subwoofer. That’s why it gives loud and clear sound. Moreover, the affordable Sony SRSX55-BLK price costing 180 dollars is nothing but a steal. For all these, it has taken the spotlight in the arena of portable Bluetooth speakers.Sony SRSX55/BLK Review

It is really a go-to offer to afford as soon as possible.

Why should you buy Sony SRSX55/BLK?

Are you planning to purchase a home audio? Then my Sony SRSX55/BLK Review will reach you to your prime target. Let’s see what this is offering us in the brand name of Sony. Can it claim black the clout already wanted?

The speaker performed on all music providing a better overall balance. This lets out a bass that you can feel in your chest which adds a strong drive to any song. It has two drivers each one running at 5 watts of power. I am not highlighting that it has powered speaker that I will come to later on.

My point is the speaker has enough power to put out for a larger room to fill up. This is completely new Sony audio instrument renders high-quality music stream.

It flawlessly packs big sound organizing your mood. You can party around the clock with a battery of 10 hours long life floating on the high-fidelity stream. The built-in and powered subwoofer enables it to emit the rich colossal bass and deep base causing vibration inside us.

Key Features

Design and Construction

It has dimensions of 8.8 X 4.8 X 2 inches. The very shape and size declare that it is small and simple. Inside the enclosure, Sony holds two 1.5 inches drivers and a large 2.4 inches subwoofer. These components inside contribute to mass it has and the booming bass it delivers.Sony SRS-X55 Price

It has several buttons for power, volume, Bluetooth pairing. The most exclusive feature of the design is its ability to answering calls. The orange colored charge button adds to its look having a blinking indicator.

Connectivity and power

Sony houses a USB port for charging mobiles, tabs; it didn’t let the traditional wired audio source out of tune. The speaker offers a 3.5m auxiliary input. The amplifier is powered by 30 watts of RMS current. It is that powered amp that ensures the highest decibel bass and base.Sony SRSX55/BLK Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The power limit goes with 15-volt DC power input for the speaker to be charged. The battery has an extended life as users found out to be accurate 10 hours backed by an AC adapter. Most users found it to be accurate as advertised.

Both iOS and Android friendly

It seems to be very amusing to write Sony SRX55/BLK Review that it is mobile friendly. To the surprise of all music, movie, and game geeks, it is compatible both with iOS and Android apps. It’s a surprise for us who are more or less associated with popular media and communication tools. Sony SRX55/BLK has come out victorious to have an app developed to increase its function ability.

Speaker Phone

It too has a microphone for conferencing like all Bluetooth speakers. The speaker lets out a thundering bass and big sound supported by the powered amplifier. It sounds a bit distorted when played at the max volume when the loudness reaches at 90 decibels, but it sounds quite a distortion free at 85 decibels.


  • Wireless music stream in full sound
  • Sound doesn’t distort at high almost the highest volume
  • Easily take calls using the speakerphone like tiny Bluetooth speakers
  • Nearly half a day battery life on a single charge
  • Attractive new model enclosure
  • Bluetooth and NFC connections


  • Sound split at the highest level
  • Not smooth while using as speaker phone

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there any price update?

Ans: Yes, the updated price of Sony SRsX555? BLK is 149 dollars.

Does it have a powered amplifier?

Ans: Obviously, it does have a powered amplifier incorporating 30 Watts of current.

What contributes to the extended bass response?

Ans: Bass actually comes out of a powered subwoofer. Sony SRX has a built-in subwoofer and dual passive radiators that provide extended bass response.


This Sony SRS-X55 Price costs less than 200 dollars, and it is powered enough to spread over the large place. If you’re looking for excellent sound in a Bluetooth speaker, Sony’s latest option will meet your needs. It’s simple style, and charcoal black color helps it match the background of your home or office. It has a fabulous sum of power to fill large spaces. The wireless music stream will float on without being time-bound and place-bound.

Now, if you’re satisfied with this Sony SRSX55/BLK Review, do not waste time.  Go! And carefree with Sony SRS and mobile compatibility.


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