Tips and Tricks for Wireless Outdoor Speaker Users

The wireless outdoor speaker can be a good choice if you want to play music outside the house. You can play your outdoor speaker around the backyard or front yard to give sound to the world. Nowadays, everything is connected wirelessly, and you no longer need cable to connect your speaker to your device at home. Maybe, you need some tips and tricks to use wireless outdoor speaker so that you can play your song loudly outside the house but you can control it anywhere without cables.

Choosing a Speaker with a Wide Range Bluetooth Coverage

The first thing that you need to consider is to have a wireless outdoor speaker that has wide range Bluetooth coverage. Most of the wireless speaker can cover up to ten meters from the main device. If it is too far away, then you will not get good sound. Therefore, you need to make sure that the speaker is not too far or not more than ten meters.Best Portable Speaker Reviews - Wireless Outdoor Speaker

Placing the Speaker at Your Backyard

Once you get your favorite wireless outdoor speaker, then you can start to place the speaker outside the house. This speaker uses a battery to operate, so you have to prepare a proper place around the house. You can choose your backyard as your best place to put the speaker. But, you must not set it too high. You can build a small stand for the speaker in your backyard. It may need to stand to create a stereo experience. For example, you can build two speaker stands in the middle of the yard, and then you can place the wireless speakers on the stand.

Testing and Playing Your Songs using Smartphone

After you prepare the wireless outdoor speakers, then you can test it. You can integrate the wireless speaker with your smartphone to play the songs from your smartphone. You can actually play the music using a flash drive, but it must be difficult to change the song. So, you can use your smartphone as the source, and then you can move away from the speaker to check the quality. You can also just put your smartphone on a table and let the music stream. This wireless speaker may last for several hours until the battery is running out.

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Other Additional Considerations

Since you do not prepare a charging port near the speaker, then you must bring the speaker inside to recharge it before you use it again. When you use this outdoor speaker, you may not worry if the rain comes because the speaker is water-resistant. If it is possible, then you can build a roof for the speaker to protect the speaker from the rain. In fact, you can actually take the speaker from the stand if you do not want to use it, and then put it back when you want to use.

Furthermore, a wireless outdoor speaker can also be used for other purposes, or you can also bring it anywhere you want. But, you need to buy a portable outdoor speaker that is already equipped with dedicated equalizer and amplifier. So, you can take the speaker anywhere you want and play your music anywhere without needing power supply because it already has rechargeable batteries.


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