UE BOOM 2 Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Review

UE Boom 2 Speaker is a very impressive little product. Fully Waterproof IPx7 rated speaker from UE Boom series. Now we are going to explain everything about this speaker in this UE Boom 2 Review post. UE (Ultimate Ears) Boom 2 is one of the Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers in a couple of years. Boom 2 coming with six color options on fabric cover, which makes it more glories. On the outside, Outlook design of UE Boom original and UE Boom 2 speaker is similar like to look practically identical, but there are some notable feature and upgrades on the inside. Let’s check out the full Review of UE Boom 2.UE BOOM 2 Speaker Review

Why should you buy the UE Boom 2?

  • The ultimate shockproof speaker in the market.
  • The UE Boom original was just water resistant, but UE Boom 2 is fully waterproof
    Colorful rush looking design.
  • It’s louder and provides a deeper bass.
  • As a 360-degree speaker, you will get the same bass from any side of the speaker.

Key Features of UE Boom 2 Speaker

Sound Quality

Boom 2 gives full “360 degrees” sound, so no matter which side of the speaker is sending out and you will receive same soundness. The sound of Boom 2 plays better and 25% louder than original Boom at its high volume. Sound quality is almost little better. You can customize the sound for both Apple and Android with the EQ setting in the free EU Boom app. It’s opened with some additional feature that speakers don’t have on the market. It’s able to stream audio from a smartphone, tablet and operating system.


Design of the UE BOOM 2 SpeakerUE Boom 2 Speaker is designed with rubberized plastic and fabric cover up makes it waterproof. It’s a one-step upper than the original UE mini.  As this is a waterproof portable speaker, so you can carry it anywhere you go. It’s overall a 360-degree shaped small speaker, so, you can take it at a pool party, or anywhere you go. It doesn’t look so heavier, but, it’s much more durable, unlike others. There are Volume, Power, and Bluetooth Pairing buttons on the speaker.

Battery Life

UE BOOM 2 Speaker Battery LifeBattery life is one of the most attractive things about this speaker. Normally, most of the wireless speakers last for 8-10 hours with a full charge. But, UE Boom 2 Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker came with a non-removable Li-Ion battery with extended 15 hours of battery life. That means it can playback almost a full day on a party or even a week if you are just a music lover. 15 hours of battery life is only for low to medium volume. On higher volume, it won’t last for 15hours mentioned. But, overall performance is better than many more wireless speakers.

Music Playback

Paly Music with UE BOOM 2As a wireless Bluetooth speaker, you can play music via your Bluetooth compatible device. This speaker came with 100 feet strong Bluetooth connection which is not available on any speaker. You can control your playback from your device. With UE app, you can use it for alarm, can equalize the volume. This speaker also supports playback from the non-Bluetooth device with a cable. You can connect two UE Boom 2 speakers with your one device and enjoy the bass so much deeper.


  • Waterproof (up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter), which is not available on the maximum number of the wireless speakers.
  • UE Boom 2 Speaker has an extended battery life of up to 15 hours.
  • Small and easily portable. You can carry it wherever you go.
  • Strong Bluetooth connection up to 100 feet.
  • Clear super loud maximum volume and Deep bass.
  • Able to easily use the UE Boom app on Android and Apple.


  • You can’t charge your phone from the UE Boom 2.
  • It won’t float, as I mentioned before that it’s waterproof, but, it will sink in water.
  • Sound quality like Distort at high volume.


Q: Is there any difference between UE boom and UE Boom 2?
A: Yes. It’s louder and provides clear sound.

Q: Is it a speakerphone?
A: Yes, you can use this speaker for phone calls.

Q: Can I play without Bluetooth?
A: Yes, you can play without Bluetooth by using a cable.

Final Thoughts

UE Boom 2 Speaker is one of those popular speakers with a 360-degree shape, extended battery of 15 hours, waterproof, shockproof, durable and strong Bluetooth connectivity. This speaker is much more different than other speakers. So, it’s worth its price and it’s an awesome speaker.


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